Software For Working With Partners and Investors

Software tools can help streamline processes and improve communication regardless of whether you’re working with partners or investors. Here are a few of the best software programs for coordinating on multi-level iniatives:

Atlassian is a company that makes collaboration tools for teams of all sizes, offers SaaS solutions that simplify complex projects through better coordination and communication. Atlassian, for example, offers a tier program that rewards partners as they achieve sales goals and complete their training courses. This strategy removes any friction and lets that team members are focused on the most important work.

Deal sourcing is a critical process for private equity and venture-capital firms. To avoid costly mistakes, VCs rely on software to ensure and automate manual data entry of revenue, contact, EBITDA, and other details about the companies they invest in. Solutions such as 4degrees and Affinity let VCs effectively manage relationships with founders, investors, and other stakeholders, by offering an integrated platform for managing deals.

The Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tool combines an online experience for partners, with automated admin-managed capabilities to provide a one-stop-shop. They are designed to work with different types of partnerships including reseller, affiliate and co-delivery, as well as Marketing Development Funds (MDF) and short-term sales competitions, also known as SPIFFs.

LPs are keen to know that their portfolio managers have a clear overview of their relationships and have an well-planned strategy for leveraging their relationships. To do this, they require software that integrates the private equity fund’s data with information from third-party sources, such as PitchBook, Preqin SourceScrub and Sutton Place Strategies. This data, in conjunction with deal and investment committee data can help the fund find opportunities to invest, develop relationships with current portfolio companies, and take better choices regarding future investments.

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