How to Prepare for a Meeting Successfully

There are some key steps to ensure that you’re ready to meet with success. The preparation is the key to a successful meeting, whether it’s a planning session or a review of your employees.

Make your agenda, and also send any reading material that you would like participants to read ahead of time. Communication prior to the meeting can ensure that everyone has an knowledge of what’s to come and be able to effectively participate in the meeting. You can include them in your invitation, or make them available via internal communications. Be certain about what you consider important to read versus what’s good to have.

Consider the potential obstacles that may be encountered during the meeting and prepare a strategy to overcome these. The delay in bringing up these issues in the actual meeting can result in a lot of wasted meeting time as everyone tries to become knowledgeable on a problem that could have been addressed prior to the meeting.

Don’t forget to create the process of recording and sharing the minutes of the meeting and any other documentation. The process you have in place will help keep the momentum going after the meeting, and will ensure everyone is clear about what was discussed and decided upon during the meeting.

Finalize the meeting with a list of the key points. This will make everyone feel confident about the next steps needed to move the discussion or project along. This is a great way to end the meeting and make everyone feel like they are part a cohesive group that is capable of meeting its goals.

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