Anazak School Sections

Nursery School

Most children have their first experience of school in baby class and pre-school stage. Our experienced staff provides a warm and welcoming learning atmosphere for our young pupils. Children learn important skills while involved structured play activities; developing imagination, curiosity, patience, concentration and the ability to cooperate with others.

We offer language skills, logical thinking in the area of numbers, we introduce and inspire the children with the creativity in drama, arts, dance, music and physical health education.

Lower primary

Lower primary comprises of grade 1 and 2. The school provides a stimulating and diverse range of learning experiences for pupils aged between 5 and 7 years old. Central to the school philosophy is the development of the whole child in a caring and supportive environment.

Middle primary

Middle primary comprises of grade 3 and 4, middle primary provides stimulating and enjoyable learning environment for our children that will instill the children a desire to learn, the positive approach in learning. We have all they need.

Upper primary

This comprises of grade 5, 6 and 7. These are senior pupils. They are encouraged to show self reliance, growth in imagination, curiosity, honesty, adaptability, and taking of responsibilities

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