Welcome to Anazak schools

Anazak pre and primary school is a school with a short history that goes back as three years ago. This short history is enriched with great achievement.

Anazak is a learning community. We come from different backgrounds and bring our experiences to this community.

We share and develop our strengths. Everyone who spends time in Anazak leaves having grown intellectually and socially with memories to last a lifetime. We seek to make it possible for each student to develop his/her full potential. We do this within the context of a sound academic structure, secure and stimulating pastoral environments for all students.

We are privileged that Anazak has a community of pupils staff, parents and a management who are not only satisfied with just being one of the best schools in Dar es salaam; not even being the best school in the country, but also being the best school we can be.

We envision and focus on what we want the future of these young pupils coming into our hands would be like. We know that the parents are assigning us to prepare and equip their children for the best of their future. While we want to do this well, we also have the ambition of doing it the best way. We have a vision that we are proud of and committed to fulfill. It is our inspiration and our reason for unity.

We are soaring to greater heights, it’s tough and exciting road and we need the strategies to take us to that level that we seek. We have sought to start from the first 6 issues

Teaching and learning

We are to ensure that every pupil make a successful transition to secondary education or a meaningful carrier in line with her interests, abilities and aspirations

We are also to increase the school’s enrollment

Information communication and technology


o enhance the quality of teaching and learning through ICT and to be up to date on the changing trends in information communication and technology [ICT] sector

Human resource

To realize high morale and motivation among staff.

Physical facilities

To provide and maintain adequate and quality physical facilities and ensure their efficient and effective use.

School image

To enhance the school standing as a centre of excellence

Resource mobilization

To mobilize adequate resources to meet the growing needs of the school.

To our pupils, we feel privileged and honored to be by your side at this time of your learning. Anazak is about you and it is for you and everything will be done by you. Our programs and efforts will not yield desired results unless you are willing to embrace them. It is my hope that you are proud to be at ANAZAK.

To our staff, I invite you to the call of duty and beyond. Everything demands your commitment and sacrifice. This is not about what you are being asked to do; it is the best thing you think needs to be done under the circumstances to let the Anazak light shine.

To our parents, I cannot over emphasize your role as key stakeholder. Your financial and moral support is the least we expect. I invite you to be fully integrated into our school plan and feel responsible to offer whatever advice and wisdom to make Anazak the better place for our youngsters.

There is no doubt in our ambitious plan which we intend to have for the next five years. I have no apologies to make. We will never know whether it is possible to achieve these unless we try. I believe in a God who has brought us from so far, that achieving the goals of this plan will only be one more of His mighty acts. This is not a journey but an adventure, and I would like to invite you all to join us.